Baby Gem Lettuce x 2 - First Choice Produce

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50-70 days. Tightly wrapped, bright green leaves surround a pale yellow heart. Little Gem, also known as Sucrine, is an excellent heirloom baby

Little Gem Baby Romaine Lettuce

Description Twin Pack

Baby Gem Lettuce (Twin Pack)

Eye-catching Ruby Gem offers plump, heavy rosettes about 6 inches tall. The vigorous seedlings grow rapidly into perfectly formed, well filled out, beautiful little heads with tightly folded, ice green hearts and ruby red tops. Leaves have crisp, juicy texture and marvelous flavor. Slice a pretty head of Ruby Gem in half to plate up a great salad for 2 people – just pour over the dressing! This superb variety was developed for gourmet markets by our favorite specialty lettuce grower.

RENEE'S Lettuce ROMAINE Ruby Gem

Improved Little Gem type.


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Little Gem

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