Joby GripTight One GorillaPod Mini trépied Smartphone

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Un support compact et pratique, pliable, universel pour des smartphones

GET CREATIVE: Grip It, Wrap It, Stand It. Flexible legs allow you to secure camera equipment to virtually any surface at any angle PORTABLE SIZE

Joby GorillaPod 1K GripTight Mount PRO Kit, Compact Flexible Tripod 1K Stand and BallHead 1K with Locking Phone Mount, Easy Landscape or Portrait

The JOBY GripTight GorillaPod for MagSafe is designed for smartphone creators who are rocking the popular iPhone 12 and later series of smartphones. The innovative mount has a super fast design, allowing mobile content creators to maximize the use of their new iPhone whatever platform they are shooting for. With the hybrid clamp, you get two modes of use. With the jaws twisted back the magnet takes the lead for speedy mounting and dismounting.

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JOBY's versatile, flexible, and magnetic smartphone Gorillapod/mount now just $15